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Grow-Out Technologies describe the different mediums used in the process of rearing a variety of marine species. Diamond Networks supplies various materials and equipment for the purpose aquaculture farming. Talk to us about how we can assist you with your project.

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Oyster Baskets are used on longline farming systems for the production of edible Oysters. These Baskets offer a convenient secure method to intensively farm shell from spat to maturity.

This is a bulk order item.

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Spat Ropes provide for shellfish spat attachment generally used in the mussel farming industry. Having said that, the ropes construction lends itself to a number of different spat attachment applications for various types of mollusc for use both in the wild or controlled hatchery.

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DN Marron hides are used for the purpose of providing for a safe habitat in a quality column of water  This highly structured material is constructed of a strong polymer material which is capable of providing habitable folds.

Available are the madeup hides or on material itself to make your own - to your requirements - weights and floats additional.

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Made Up Marron Hide

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Diamond Networks supplies extruded mesh suitable for the construction of rigid fish traps and cages.

Other uses of this firm meshed nylon can be trap entries, trays or separation dividers.

This strong UV mesh is suitable for live and captive storage of fish life where possible descale or limb damage is minimised. This material is ideal for fish cages, cray mat's, aquarium partitioning and so on.

The following sizes are available - see table below.

With a selection of mesh sizes this rigid PE mesh is ideal for the construction of fish cages. Other aquaculture uses for this material are partitioning, filtering and sorting. Available mesh sizes 6mm, 12mm & 20mm - sold by the mtr or bulk roll.

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