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Diamond Networks has for many years been a supplier of Marron farming equipment to both the amateur and professional. Along the way we have accumulated the product knowledge that we feel best serves our farmers en devours. From Antibird netting through to growout and trapping we can supply the right equipment for your requirements.

Courtesy of WA Fisheries click on the Marron brief button below. Below also the ACWA link with the various topics on the Marron.

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DN Marron hides are used for the purpose of providing for a safe habitat in a quality column of water  This highly structured material is constructed of a strong polymer material which is capable of providing habitable folds.

Available are the madeup hides or on material itself to make your own - to your requirements - weights and floats additional.

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Made Up Marron Hide

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Marron Hide Rolls

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Marron Hide Clips

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Bird net selection requires the identification of the particular species causing the problem. Bird size in relation to mesh size is not only important for the purpose of exclusion but also as much as it is for inclusion. Its important to consider those insect species that are beneficial for which you don't want to exclude eg those that are responsible for the process of pollination.

If you're seriously looking for a return on your investment bird netting is a necessity.

We have various netting coverage options available big or small - temporary or permanent for the small suburban fish pond to the large commercial investment.

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There are a number of associated netting installation fittings available -

Screw Anchors, pole rot protectors, wire rope, thimbles,tension adjusters, rope grips, shackles, nylon joiner, plastic coated wire, rope and various clips used for fixing.

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Aeration is integral part of successful Marron farming. To maximise stocking numbers whilst maintaining water quality requires additional aeration by artificial means.

Various mechanical options of aeration are available in the way of pumps, waterlifts, splashers and venturi. See our page on Aeration and let us assist in you making an informed decision.

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Diamond Networks stocks WA's largest range of marron and yabbie traps.

Don't know of traps suitability then stop by and allow us to take you through the options.

Available are heavy duty traps for the professional as well as the less substantial recreational traps in various configurations.

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We stock a number of items of associated for use in marron farming.

  • Floats used to suspend hides
  • Net Needles for reeving net
  • Stainless Steel clips and Nylon clips for longline suspension
  • Purging Tanks
  • Ropes fastening and Twine for binding
  • Scoop nets for collection
  • Lattice crates for collection
  • Waders to stay dry
  • Feed/bait containers for trapping
  • Haul Nets - fish control/eradication
  • Dam Drag Nets - Debri clean of dams
  • Yabbie Drag Net - Hand pull or quad
  • Stainless Steel knives - Jap Steel
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