Diamond Networks has a variety of ropes suitable for use as anchor warp. Nylon is known to be the correct type of rope for such an application but there are other alternatives. Different rope types/constructions together with their relevant diameter will also dictate your selection.

*Various winches will have proprietary rope recommendations so please consider this before rope replacement - specialist ropes can be accommodated.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Anchor Warp Rope Suppliers Western Australia
Rope Type Size Length Breaking Strain (BS)
Nylon Rope 10mm 250mtrs 2130kg
Nylon Rope 12mm 250mtrs 3040kg
Nylon Rope 12mm 125mtrs 3040kg
Nylon Rope 14mm 125mtrs 4180kg
Nylon Rope 16mm 125mtrs 5380kg
Nylon Rope 18mm 125mtrs 6880kg
Nylon Rope 20mm 125mtrs 8450kg
Nylon Rope 22mm 125mtrs 10400kg
Nylon Rope 24mm 125mtrs 12300kg
Nylon Rope 28mm 125mtrs 16200kg
Nylon Rope 32mm 125mtrs 20600kg
Nylon Rope 36mm 125mtrs 25700kg
Polypropylene PP Rope 10mm 250mtrs 1800kg
Polypropylene PP Rope 12mm 125mtrs 2700kg
Polypropylene PP Rope 14mm 125mtrs 3600kg
Polypropylene PP Rope 16mm 125mtrs 4500kg
Polypropylene PP Rope 18mm 125mtrs 5800kg
Polypropylene PP Rope 20mm 125mtrs 6900kg
Polypropylene PP Rope 22mm 125mtrs 8400kg
Polypropylene PP Rope 24mm 125mtrs 9900kg
Polypropylene PP Rope 28mm 125mtrs 13200kg
Polypropylene PP Rope 32mm 125mtrs 16800kg
Polypropylene PP Rope 36mm 125mtrs 20600kg