Net Repair

Occassionally you will need to repair your net. If you want us to look after your repair just contact us or stop by our store and we will quote it up for you. Alternatively you may want to pickup the repair twine and a net needle, all of which we stock, and do it yourself.

Small repairs are surprisingly simple - see below. Alternatively you may decide to replace the net if the total of the repairs compete with the cost of obtaining a new one.

Net Repair Acessories available at Diamond Networks


Diamond Networks stock the flat and beak net needles (see below) along with a couple of sizes of the bag needle. Selection of type/size will be dependent on mesh aperture, twine thickness and twine type. Net needles eliminate the necessity of pulling through the complete length of twine whilst binding.

Beak Netting Needles

Beak Needle

Flat Netting Needles

Flat Needle

Mesh Knots

Below shows 5 steps of performing a mesh knot for 3 different types of line.

  • Monofilament stages 1 to 5 (Double Knot)
  • Multifilament stages 1 to 3 (Single knot)
  • Polyethylene stages 1 to 3 (Single knot)
Net Knots Chart

Netting Knots

Two useful knots used in the construction of a net.

1 - Clove hitch - used in hanging of net - rope to mesh fastening

2 - Sheet bend - used as the mesh knot - repair of holes

Clove Hitch Net Knot
Sheet Bend Net Knot

Repair a Hole

In the diagram below we have an example of a hole in a net and show the process by which you navigate the mesh ie follow the arrows.

Net Knots Chart

Net Hanging Video

Click below to watch our instructional video on how to attach netting to a top or bottom rope.