Cat Nets & Catios

Cat nets and Catios are used to provide a safe living space by way of containment.  Cat enclosures can be detached/standalone or simply be used to net in a preexisting semi contained area such as a pergola.​

There are very valid reasons for constructing net enclosures - Council bylaws often require containment of domestic cats between certain hrs of the day for the protection of wildlife. Cat netting, whether in Perth, or throughout Australia, also offers physical protection from other animals including snakes, dogs, or even other cats. If you have a wanderer there is also the possibility of theft or vehicle impact.​

Our range of Netting widths are sold by the mtr via length whilst others are sold by the bundle. Widths available are - 1.2mtr, 1.5mtr, 1.8mtr, 3.0mtr, 5.0mtr, 10mtrx10mtr, 10mtrx20mtr. 3mtrx3mtr Zip Panel. We also supply various Zip Panels/Zips for access/egress along with Fixtures for the purpose of suspending the net. Sold by the mtr - length or bundle. This net is extremely strong and resistant to UV and moisture. Available widths as displayed in the table below.

Mesh Size Width Minimum Length Colour
19mm sq 1.2mtr 20mtrs Black
19mm sq 1.5mtr Cut Length Black
19mm sq 1.8mtr Cut Length Black
19mm sq 3.0mtr Cut Length Black
19mm sq 5.0mtr Cut Length Black
19mm sq 10.0mtr Cut Length Black

Cat Netting DIY

In the overall scheme of things Cat Netting and its DIY installation is not expensive when one compares it to a unscheduled visit to the Vet.

Take the time to come and talk with us about your requirements. We won't sell you what you don't need however we will provide what you do need at a really good price!​

UV Cat Net - Square Knotted PE mesh

The 19mm easy to cut square mesh is largely transparent at a distance and will not unravel when cut to the required size.

Cat Net Accessories

Diamond Networks offers a wide range of quality accessories for Cat Net installation

​Our Cat Net accessories include:

  • Stainless Steel fittings - Terminal fittings, tensioners etc

  • Wirerope - Stainless steel 316G

  • Zips (Vertical or L - Shape),

  • UV Rope & Binding Twine 

  • UV Cable Ties,Nylon

  • Nylon snaps

  • UV Cable ties

Cat Net Zippers

Diamond Networks offers a wide range of Cat Netting Zippers when installed on a netting enclosure such as a cat enclosure provide a cheap/convenient means of entry or exit . Our zips are easy to install and suitable for outdoor use.

Zips can be installed singularly to provide a vertical opening or they can be combined with another to form an L flap opening. The zips can be fitted ready-made in net panel or post net installation DIY with twine and needle.

Zipper in panel (preinstalled) - panel comes with zip 1.7mtrx1mtr already sewn into 3mtr x 3.5mtr panel. Panel perimeter is then cut to required size.

Cat Net Zippers

Netting For Zips

These robust Zips are generally used for access/egress of cat enclosures. Zips can however be used other purposes providing the mesh size will accommodate the zips alignment.

Zip Type Length Colour
Vertical Zip 2.0mtr Black
L Zip 1.2mtr Black
L Zip 2.0mtr Black

DIY Cat Netting Installation

DIY Catnet installation is not complicated. We do however advise you to stop by to get a better understanding of whats involved. You can then apply that understanding to your particular circumstance.

Our team at Diamond Networks have been in the netting business for years.  We can offer a variety of installation solutions as well as advice on how to best utilize available space. 

Please call us on (08) 9314 3003, or you can drop into our O'Connor based store in Perth Western Australia to discuss your requirements.

DIY Cat Net Installation Perth


Looking for a free standing enclosure to house your outside cat? Diamond Networks stocks a range cat netting and various accessories to assist in building a DIY cat enclosure, popularly termed a catio.

Making a Catio in Perth has never been more easy by purchasing a length of netting from Diamond Networks and some associated accessories.

Catios in Perth

Scratch Rope

Natural Fibre Scratch Rope.

If you are looking to add objects of some interest to your Cat or Catio enclosure talk to us above our Natural Fibre Cordage we stock. Various diameter/Lengths available  for winding on to objects used for entertainment/ Scratching etc.



Scratch Pole Rope for Cats