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WA is the home of the Australian Cray-fishing industry. We are suppliers of equipment to both pro and amateur fisherman.

We stock cray pots, Cray pot components, Cray pot lifters, winches, weights, floats, hessian sacks, shock cord and the various types of ropes - haul and sink.

Cray Fishing Products Perth Western Australia

Whale Mitigation - Leads

Diamond Networks stocks the two options to eliminate whale entanglement. These two options can also be used to eliminate vessel entanglement.

Lead weights and Lead rope. Both are available in different weights to accomodate shallow or deep sets.

Whale Mitigation Leads Fishing Products Perth Western Australia


Diamond Networks is a supplier of the Maxwell brand of winch for retrieving pots via its gunnel positioning. This tried and proven winch for this very popular application comes with a foot switch for hands free convenience.

For correct operation we recommend/supply the circuit breaker (optional) especially suited to this models overload possibilities.

Winches Crayfishing Products Western Australia Perth


In the High Quality Cray Pot Rope We supply the traditional hardlay in PP and PE in 220mtr coils or the PP medium lay for those that are not hauling everyday.

Cut lengths are also available should a traditional 30mtr length be required. Talk to us about your particular requirements and discover our crayfishing equipment such as the Craypot Rope and Craypots.

Fishing Products Pot Rope Crayfishing Western Australia


Diamond Networks stock top quality professionally made wooden Cray pots in 1/2,  3/4 and full size in wood Jarrah/Pine combination. We offer the steel base and the wooden base both of which comply in construction to the WA Fisheries requirements. With pro built pots you know the strong construction and functional design will give some longevity of use.

Another option is a 20kg collapsible  cray pot contructed of plastic coated steel mesh. Assembled this pot is an awsome alternative to the pro pots when it comes to retrieval and storage. Discover our range of high quality craypots today at Diamond Networks in Perth.

Jarrah and Pine Pots Fishing Products Wholesaler Western Australia


Cray Pot necks, Bait Boxes / Baskets with lids, plastic and aluminium escape gaps, Knecks / entries 9" & 11", Ballasts / weight plates and Craypot floats all are available from our premises 2/14 Bowen St O'Connor. Our long lasting Cray pot floats are made of high density polysterene and can be purchased with or without inserts.

Fishing Products Pot Components Crayfishing Western Australia


Diamond Networks stock a quality spring loaded cray fishing snare that's great for the retrieval of crays from tight crevices. Diamond Networks provides a wide range of crayfishing equipment available such as Cray Pots, Cray Snares and Cray Pot Rope.

Cray Fishing Products Cray Snare Western Australia Wholesaler


These strong convenient meshed UV Cray Fishing crates are suitable for the temporary storage of transiting your catch.

Colours available - Orange & black - available with lid or without.

Dimensions - 610mm x 419mm x 312mm

Fishing Products Crayfish Crate Crayfishing Western Australia Wholesaler

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