At Diamond Networks you will find many different types of netting used in all sorts of applications. 

The following examples of nets in use may be of interest yet these are by no means all of what is carried or could be adapted to fit your requirements. 

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Miscellaneous Nets For Sale Australia


Ute nets need to be able to restrain loads and just not cover them. Diamond Networks produces a strong reliable net for utes and the like.

We also manufacture custom made restraint nets when something different is required. Load restraint is a safety issue involving all road users.

Ute Nets For Sale Australia


Diamond Networks supplies a netting material that can be laid on the ground for the collection of olives.

Our net is strong, UV resistant and allows a convenient split section to accommodate the trees canopy all the way around the trunk.

Two sizes are available 7.5mtr x 7.5mtr and 10mtr x 10mtr

Olive Nets For Sale


Ferret nets are still an effective method of keeping rabbit numbers contained. 

These nets are strong and specifically sized for their application.

Made with a soft nylon suitable for draping over rabbit burrows.

Ferret Nets For Sale Australia


Diamond Networks stock live bait keeper nets used in the tempory containment of bait fish.

Off the shelf products are available as is the net should you want to design and construct one yourself.

We stock various floats that allow just below the surface access.

Keeper Nets For Sale


Display Nets are a great convenient way for showing many items at any one time.

The items used can be for promotional or achievement reasons.

Suitable for merchandising and educational applications.

Display Nets Australia


Suspension nets uses can range from a simple overhead stowage locker to a circus safety net.

Different applications will require different net material and net construction.

Nets can be custom made or we can provide the necessary items required for the DIYer.

Suspension Nets For Sale  Australia


Dam clearing nets are used in skimming animal or plant material off dams.

Particularly useful in the rainy season when a deluge of rain will drag debre from surrounding areas into the waterways.

Dam Clearing Nets For Sale  Australia


Stranded Animals such as dolphins can be rescued safely and easily with Diamond Networks Animal Recovery Net.

This PE netting is an effective means of of distributing weight confortably over the animals entire body.

Each strand is capable of supporting a load up to 330kg.

Animal Recovery Nets For Sale  Australia


Diamond Networks stocks netting used for the prevention of accidental falls. Whether you are looking to childproof your balcony, stairwells or windows netting is a proven/effective method of fall prevention. 

Dam Clearing Nets For Sale  Australia
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Balcony Safety Net

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Stairwell Safety Net

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Window Safety Net

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