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  1. Cat Curfew Could Hit Perth, Western AustraliaCat Owners may soon have to abide by tough new laws if West Australian Councils get their way. New laws are currently being considered for a blanket compliance of having cats to remain home bound from dusk to dawn in WA.

    Having already been passed subject to further submissions in the Mandurah area, a Cat Curfew may well be on its way to a Perth suburb near you. To be fully prepared for the rulings, owners will need to adopt a method of containment. The only real practical and cost effective solution to this by way of product is Cat Netting.

    Construction of Cat Enclosures – free standing or fixed offer a raft of benefits other than wildlife conservation. For the better of welfare in general cat netting offers - vet bill avoidance, roaming cat exclusion, traffic avoidance, theft and neighbourly consideration.

    At Diamond Networks, we stock a wide variety of cut length Cat Net sizes suitable to accommodate any requirements. We can provide you with the knowledge, expertise and service so you get the right fit for your project. Our cat net is High Quality, UV Resistant, low visibility, easy to cut and install for DIY installation. Should the DIY not interest you we can direct you to one of our professional installers.

    Drop by and talk to us about getting ready for the coming of the Cat Curfew at Diamond Networks unit 2/14 Bowen St O’Connor Western Australia Ph 08 9314 3003

  2. Cat Curfew in Mandurah, Perth and Western Australia Will Lead to Cat NettinNew laws are about to be implemented by the Mandurah Council to enforce cat owners to have their cats locked up from sunset to sunrise in an effort to reduce the negative impact their roaming has on the local native wildlife.

    It’s not only the City of Mandurah facing a cat crackdown but the state government is also considering a blanket coverage of WA as a whole. These new laws to control domestic and feral cat populations will mean cat owners will require a cat enclosure of some description to keep their pets contained. Hefty fines will be introduced for cat owners who whose cats enter prohibited areas, such as nature reserves and properties other than their own.

    Diamond Networks has for a longtime now been providing “Cat Netting” used in the construction of enclosures to both professional installers and DIYer’S.

    The benefits are many - not only there for the local wildlife but for the owners themselves to care for the welfare of their pets. By providing an enclosure for your friend you really are on a win!

    By doing so you -

    • Protect Wildlife
    • Protect your cat from hazards & harm
    • Minimize vet bills
    • Minimize theft
    • Keep neighbor’s happy

    Diamond Networks supplies a number of specific cat netting widths ranging from 1.2mtr - 20mtr cut to your required length. Our cat netting has been tried and proven over many years and is of a quality that you can expect to last. The net is of an aperture specifically designed with cat containment in mind. The material is UV resistant, non-fraying, strong, durable and easy to work with. We also supply a wide range of hardware suspension accessories and tools such as net scissors for the purpose of installation.

    Talk to us about your requirements we have the answer.

    For more information about cat curfews speak to your local Shire, and have a look at the video link shown below:

  3. The Popularity of Prawns in Perth, WA

    Prawning has always been a staple catch for fishermen in WA, with an abundance of prawns on display in WA waters, where there is a great opportunity to enjoy fishing with family and friends. Diamond Networks stocks a large range of the prawning gear, for professional divers, with top class mono nets, and recreational players, with the high quality prawn drag nets and scoop or dab nets. Find High Quality equipment to catch prawns from Diamond Networks in Unit 2 Number 14 Bowen Street, O'Connor, WA, 6163. You can purchase gear in store or online, and we can supply and deliver to anywhere in Australia.

  4. Marron Hides / Traps, Aeration and much more from Diamond Networks

    Diamond Networks stock a wide range of Aquaculture Equipment, from Marron Hide to Aeration, Bird Netting, and Traps. We bring a knowledge and skill to the industry, which business can certainly leverage off, by dealing through our store. Not only do we provide great products, and great prices, but the expertise and service is also apparent as well. Come in store at our premises at Unit 2 Number 14 Bowen Street, O'Connor, WA, 6163 to check out our range of Aquaculture products.


    Christmas is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to catch a great gift at Diamond Networks for the fisherman in your life. Whether you're looking for Crab Nets, Set/Haul Nets, Hooks, Craypots or many other types of Fishing Gear, you will find the perfect gift in store. Plus tag a picture of your christmas catch with the hashtag #MerryFishmasDN for your chance to have your picture feature in our new website.

    For more information on products and competition, contact us on (08) 9314 3003, or visit our store at Unit 2 Number 14 Bowen Street, O'Connor, WA, 6163.


    The applications have always been broad when it comes to one of the world's most irreplaceable products, but more than ever netting is proving to be a relatively low cost purchase with a high degree of versatility. At Diamond Networks Pty Ltd in Western Australia we are working with improved modern netting technologies that when compared to its cousin the rope, offer similar material flexibility and material advantages. The development of new polymers that are UV enhanced which include various constructions provide for a plethora of outdoor and indoor uses. 

    If there has ever been any doubt about netting uses, it has most certainly been stripped away in recent years. We are seeing a substantial increase in the number of new ideas for netting and its uses for which it may not have even been considered before. 

    You might associate fishing nets with being the traditional application even though the industry has seen a huge increase in its uses such as safety nets, horse feeder nets, pest reduction nets, restraint nets, barrier nets, animal management (domestic and feral),  research nets and so on.  

    Netting will continue to develop new material technologies enabling it to further expand its use in a variety of applications in different environments. 


    Find out our array of Netting 

    Click Here for more information on Available Types of Netting, and find how and where to purchase all of our Netting types in our Contacts Page.


    It might not be summer season where flowers grow in a beautiful idyllic pattern in abundance across the Australian fields, but Christmas in July might provide the perfect opportunity for gardeners to display their summer time flowers with decorative netting. Whether it is for a party or for decoration it’s easy to hang and install and can be a great idea for savvy gardeners to show off their pride and joy in flower shows as well as around their houses. 

    Diamond Networks stocks an array for decorative netting for many different applications and have the professional expertise to design your next party or to style your house for home openings and for general looks. Interior designing and gardening displays has never been easier and looked better with Western Australia’s Local Netting Specialists, Diamond Networks, in O'Connor. 

    So where do you buy Our Net 

    Click Here for more information on Available Decorative, and find how and where to purchase our Netting in our Contacts Page.

  8. Top Quality S/S and Carbon Hooks from Diamond
    Networks from reputable Manufacturers

    High Strength Stainless Steel and Carbon Hooks

    Diamond Networks supply a select number of high strength hooks proven for their reliability
    success and popularity. There are many substandard hooks on the market these days along
    with boutique labels that quite honestly don’t warrant the asking price. Getting the
    manufacturing process right with regard to tensile, tempering and composition is the trick
    which too few achieve.

    Want a hook in either Carbon or Stainless steel that you can rely on without the ridiculous
    price tag – talk to us - better still stop by and see what we have to offer.


    Click Here for more information on Available Fishing Hooks, and find how and where to
    purchase these Hooks in our Contacts Page.

  9. Perth Cat Nets and Cat Netting Enclosures Available Now in Western Australia

    Cat Net 1

    Cat nets and cat netting enclosures are available throughout Western Australia for responsible owners to ensure the safety of their pets from feral predators, injuries and illness, traffic and escape. Diamond Networks are Perth's foremost supplier of cat nets in Western Australia supplying DIY netting and associated structural components. Call in today for a free estimate and to discuss your requirements. 

    We welcome your comments below.

  10. Perth Mining Nets and Mine Site Netting Supplies Available Throughout Western Australia

    Perth mining nets suppliers and direct importers of barrier netting and containment netting, have increased their stocks for immediate availability throughout Western Australia. Diamond Networks, the Perth based Mining net supplier welcome all enquiries from Mining organisations and contractors in Broome, Exmouth, Perth, Newman, Karratha, Kalgoorlie, Pilbara, Port Hedland etc. 

  11. Perth Commercial Fishing Supplies Available Throughout Western Australia

    Fishing Boat

    Perth commercial fishing supplies are available throughout Western Australia from Diamond Networks. Diamond Networks cater for fishing supplies from Broome to Exmouth, Shark Bay to Carnarvon, Geraldton to Kilbarri, Perth to Bunbury and Dunsborough to Denmark. They supply commercial fishing hooks, shark clips, lines, floats, nets, gloves, needles and much, much more. So for all your commercial fishing needs in Perth and Western Australia make sure to contact Diamond Networks by clicking here.



  12. WA Ropes and Twine Products Available in Perth Western Australia

    Aqualoop Rope

    WA Ropes and twine products are available from Western Australia's leading supplier, Diamond Networks. Perth based Diamond Networks stock a wide variety of ropes, nets, twines, floats and many other products too for the fishing, aquacultural, sports and recreational industries. Their ropes include natural fibre rope for oil and gas, synthetic ropes (Nylon, PP, PE, Dynema) for aquaculture and the commercial fishing industry. 

    Twines of various types are available for various applications.

    We welcome your comments below.