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Diamond Networks is the biggest fish trap stockist and supplier in Perth, Western Australia.

Stop by our showroom to view the many options whether its for yabbie, crabs, Marron, Octopus etc we have a great selection.

We also carry the various accessories that assist in the retrieval and effectiveness of the trap.

Fish Trap Stockists Western Australia

Octopus Traps

A clever but easy to use Octopus Trap that is of identical construction to the highly successful professional version. Robust with low to no maintenance, this convenient trap is set for a couple of days to allow the occy to take up residence.

‚ÄčAvailable as a single with weighted foot or double with a weighted steel frame.

Octopus Traps Australia

Marron / Yabbie Traps

Diamond Networks supplies many different Marron/Yabbies traps in both a light weight and heavy construction. There are many different preferences for trap selection whether your purpose is for research, recreation or commercial farming we have the range to help you make your selection.

Marron and Yabbie Traps Western Australia


Large Rectangular Marron Traps Western Australia

Large Rectangular Marron Trap

Large Opera House Marron Traps

Large Opera House Marron Trap

Marron Traps Perth WA

Standard Rectangular Marron Trap

Opera House Marron Traps For Sale

Standard Opera House Marron Trap

Large Marron Traps For Sale in WA

Large Four Entry Orange Marron Trap

Marron Traps Perth

Blue Large Rectangular Marron Trap

Opera Marron Traps Western Australia

Large Opera Trap - Light Mesh

Light Marron Traps

Standard Opera Trap - Light Mesh

Marron Traps Western Australia

Standard Rectangle Trap - Light Mesh

Fish Traps

These light weight fish traps are an inexpensive means of trapping small fish/tadpoles for removal or collection.

This concertina traps construction is by comparison to other similar traps that we have compared better quality yet similarly priced.

Fish Traps Perth Western Australia

Yabbie Traps

Specially designed with the Yabbie in mind, these Australian made Yabbie Traps are constructed of quality lasting materials. This trap's specific design allows for easy access whilst eliminating any possible exit with its UVPVC surrounding entry.

Yabbie Traps Western Australia Perth

Crab Traps

Diamond Networks stocks Perths biggest range of Crab drop nets. Your drop net options are many be it galv, stainless, ridged or net base along with various diameters and weight. Stop by to view our range.

Crab Traps Western Australia Perth

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