Deep drop fishing -  the Everest of fishing demands quality gear - our commercial fisherman together with the serious rec's demand a robust product.

We at Diamond Networks stock top quality line and tackle all from reputable manufacturers. Come by and talk to us about your requirements.

Deep Drop Fishing Products Wholesaler Perth Western Australia

Terminal Gear

We stock terminal gear suited to the most testing requirements of deepdrop fishing. Deepdrop fishing requires specific rig and line considerations if you're to minimise loss and maximize catch.

Drop by our showroom and let us supply you with the right gear that's well priced.

Deep Drop Fishing Products Terminal Gear Perth Western Australia

Deep Drop Tools

Diamond Networks supplies a range of fishing Accessories to choose from, ranging from the popular cutters through to scissors depending on the application.

Drop by or call us on (08) 9314 3003 to find out more information on Deep Drop Equipment and to purchase this gear.

Deep Drop Fishing Tools Perth Western Australia Fishing Products

Fishing Knives

We supply the ZEST range of quality Stainless Steel Japanese Fish Filleting/bait Knives at an affordable price. These knives have the right amount of blade flexibility along with a proven ability to hold a good sharp edge. All are sold with with a solid Scabbard. 

Sizes are:14" Zest, 15" Zest, 20" Zest, 21`"Zest

Deep Drop Fishing Products Japanese Filleting Knifes Wholesale Western Australia


DDW-250’s Application’s – Deep Drop Fishing, Dredge trawl, Dropper trawl

DIAMOND NETWORKS PTY LTD is now a distributor of the LONE STAR Brand Deep Drop Winches complementing our extensive range of Deep Drop tackle. The DDW-250 is Lone Star’s answer to a deck winch capable of the task.  

Deep Drop winches can be a relatively large investment, so essential to any such purchase should be the easy access to its Accessories, Parts and service. By purchasing from a reputable dealer this reputable brand you can be satisfied you have made the right decision.

Talk to us regards about your requirements.

DDW-250 – Complete - Purchase includes DDW-250 winch with Combo kit.

Deep Drop Fishing Products RR Winch Western Australia

Hybrid Power Supply 12V & 24V

Either same unit


Brush-less Variable

Rod Mount

Flush mount type -lined


Stainless Steel or Fibreglass options


Carbon fibre pads

Digital Counter

Allows manual input visual control

Auto Stop

For optional selective set/retrieval

Line Depth

Alarm Preset


12V Retrieval at 110mtrs/minute or 24V 200mtrs/minute

Wiring Diagram included on purchase for the DIYer installation or call into Maritime Electronic Services for a remote deck plug installation (5 doors down from us on Bowen St)

WARRANTY – 3yr Rec & 1yr Pro

RR PRICE - $4199.00

Sea Anchor

Deepdrop by its very nature of not being at anchor will require seabrake deployment. Sea anchors are absolutely essential for minimising drift and instability.  

We supply quality sea anchors for various boat lengths that will control and assist you to stay on your marks.

Deep Drop Fishing Products Sea Anchor Western Australia

Fish Attractants

There are number of ways to initiate activity around the hook, all of which can be combined or used singularly.

Berley cages, fluro, plastics and strobe lights come in all sorts of guises. We stock all of the above and remember its all about establishing an all inclusive broad spectrum of activity.

Deep Drop Fishing Products Wholesaler Fish Attractants Western Australia

Deep Drop Sinker Moulds

Moulds - Australian Heavy Duty Quality - These moulds are plenty thick to maintain heat whilst pouring.

1/ Multi Mould- 16, 20, 30oz

2/ Single Moulds 48, 66, 80 & 115oz - Deep Drop

*Alternatively allow Diamond Networks to price up our Iron or Lead snapper sinkers off the shelf .

Deep Drop Sinker Moulds in Perth

Deep Drop Sinkers

Check out our wide range of deep drop fishing equipment including deep drop sinkers available in a variety of sizes.

We sell sinkers from larger sizes through to medium sized sinkers and even go as far as 5kg and 8kg for the commercial gear.

Contact us today and check out our sinker range in the link below.

Deep Drop Fishing Sinkers in Perth