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Netting is Becoming Even More Useful Than Ever

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The applications have always been broad when it comes to one of the world's most irreplaceable products, but more than ever netting is proving to be a relatively low cost purchase with a high degree of versatility. At Diamond Networks Pty Ltd in Western Australia we are working with improved modern netting technologies that when compared to its cousin the rope, offer similar material flexibility and material advantages. The development of new polymers that are UV enhanced which include various constructions provide for a plethora of outdoor and indoor uses. 

If there has ever been any doubt about netting uses, it has most certainly been stripped away in recent years. We are seeing a substantial increase in the number of new ideas for netting and its uses for which it may not have even been considered before. 

You might associate fishing nets with being the traditional application even though the industry has seen a huge increase in its uses such as safety nets, horse feeder nets, pest reduction nets, restraint nets, barrier nets, animal management (domestic and feral),  research nets and so on.  

Netting will continue to develop new material technologies enabling it to further expand its use in a variety of applications in different environments. 


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